Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showers and Weddings

Well where to begin, Daddy and Mommy have been very busy and they drag me along everywhere they go. Mommy has been taking me to these things called showers, which confuse me a lot since no one even gets in the bath tub. Another thing that confuses me is why daddy never comes along to these things. I always have fun because all the ladies love me. Next we went to what they called a wedding there were lots of people there and one was wearing a white dress and everyone was paying attention to her, especially when she first came through the doors, but when we went in the room where the food was I was the one every one wanted to hold. I really don't mind going to all these places because I get to see all my friends and you know how I love attention, besides I don't have to take my naps when we are not home. I did not have my camera for these events so I can't post any pictures of them so I will give you some pictures of me to look at.