Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Town Orlando

Hi I'm Joshua, my mom and dad put me in my car seat and we began to drive and drive and drive. I fell asleep as, usual, and when I woke up I was in a place they call Old Town. I don't know why they call it old but then again everything is new to me. They put me in my stroller and we walked around looking at very colorful ans shinny cars, at least that's what they told me they were. I'm still trying to figure out what this V8 is that I saw on all these cars, every time I saw one I took a picture of it. Dad took a lot of pictures too. I was enjoying the day when I saw these things and people screaming so I was confused. Dad told me they were called rides and that the screaming people were having fun. I wanted to go on them and see for my self but the scary man said I was too small.

There were lots of people there and we walked around forever. Mom and dad went to this place and got some food and I had a bottle too. I loved it there because they had big TV's to watch. Watching TV is my favorite thing! We went back out and saw more cars and lots more people and then dad said we had to go home so we took all took a picture together before we left. I made up a slide show for you to watch, check it out at the end. This was a good trip. I'll let you know when we go someplace else cool, bye.


  1. Joshua , I would complain if I were you ... While Mommy seems to have figured One True Media out , there also seems to be more pictures of cars than you! How could ANYTHING be more interesting to look at then my little sugar hiney!? Complain I tell you!!

  2. I don't know what complain means but I want to tell you that it's hard to be in all the pictures when you are taking them. This camera thing only looks 1 way. I tried to get in them but it did not work. I had daddy take my picture a few times. Maybe next time I will have him take more of me. Thanks for the comment...

  3. Joshua, I am so jealous of your computer saviness (sp?). That was by far the best VIDEO I have ever seen. I jsut wish there were more Corvette pics in there though!


  4. I do believe that you my little man have a great future ahead of you as a photographer! :) Cant wait to hear about your adventures!